Types of Bunk Beds

Types of Bunk Beds

Types of Bunk Beds

Traditional Bunk Bed

The classic bunk bed – two spaces for equally sized mattresses to be placed one above the other and a ladder to access the top bunk.

Mid Sleeper

A mid sleeper is a type of raised bed that provides all the fun of the bunk while offering extra safety. They are especially good for younger children, and are suitable for ages 4+. With only a single mattress, mid sleepers often feature play areas and storage options beneath the bed.

Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are similar to mid sleepers, they often feature a trundle underneath the main bed.

High Sleeper

A high sleeper, sometimes called a loft bed, is a type of raised bed that is much greater in height than the mid sleeper. It accessed via either a ladder or steps and the space beneath the mattress is often used for desks, cupboards or other storage.

Triple Sleeper

Simply put, a bunk bed with space to sleep three people! They typically come in two different styles, either with space for three mattresses arranged vertically, or with a single bunk on the top level and a double bed on the bottom.

L – Shaped Bed

A bunk bed with additional bed space at a right angle to the main bed, hence the ‘L’ shape. The right-angled bunk is sometimes at the raised level only, leaving storage/desk space below.

Wooden Beds

Classic and durable, with a good weight tolerance. Wood is also the green choice, with brands often opting to use sustainable timber. As a premium material, however, timber tends to be more expensive than metal bunks.

Metal Beds

Usually less expensive than wood, metal is a good option for an industrial look or minimalist design and function. Metal will not generally take the higher loads that wood can, so it is worth considering your weight requirements carefully.