5 Benefits of Sharing A Bedroom

5 Benefits of Sharing A Bedroom

5 Benefits of Sharing A Bedroom

1. Siblings will form a closer bond

Having to share personal space with a brother or sister will often lead to a deep personal connection.

2. Your kids will develop better inter-personal and communication skills

Research shows that kids sharing a bedroom are good at empathising with others, talking out issues and negotiating – all skills learned from spending that extra time with a sibling.

3. Your kids will become more independent – helping you to manage the household.

Siblings who share a bedroom are more likely to turn to one another for support if they have disturbed sleep or other worries, helping them to gain important skills in working with worries and problems. As an added bonus, they are less likely to invade your bedroom in

the dead of night.

4. It can help sleep

Sharing with someone else provides reassurance and an extra sense of comfort.

5. It teaches the value of sharing

And not just toys and games either. While learning to share property is important, co-sleeping also teaches the value of sharing problems, experiences and stories.